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[ Second update posted ]

coolpowers2 is a suite of twelve plugins for Caligari's trueSpace3.  They are designed to make your life easier. Some of them are fun, some of them are "this should be built in!" affairs, but hopefully all of them will be useful in your trueSpace work.

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They are presented with their own toolbar, so you don't have to fill your trueSpace plugin panel with our plugins.  As you can see, we have chosen not to use a standard Windows interface.  It is our philosophy that an interface should suit the task; using coolpowers2 is supposed to be a fun experience and we've gone to great pains to provide an interface that is both interesting and functional.

This website will give an outline of each of the plugins.   Each description will also include one of the tips and one of the frequently asked questions from the included help documentation, where appropriate.  Examples of each plugin are also being added.

System Requirements:

trueSpace3.1, a color display set at 16-bit color or higher, with font display set to "Small".

Why does the font display have to be "Small"?

It doesn't have to be.  coolpowers2 is perfectly functional with Large or any other font setting.  However, the display won't be quite as pretty.  Yes, this was an oversight on our part, and hopefully we can rectify the situation in a future patch.

And what about the colordepth requirement?

Again, it works fine in 8-bit color, but won't look nearly as good.

Why doesn't it work in 3.0?

Certain problems with the plugin architecture have been fixed by Caligari in the 3.1 update, which is now available in final form at the Caligari website.   We are examining the possibility of using a different development environment to the one we currently use;   this would make it easier to add some kind of "this part will work in the current release, these parts will only work or be enhanced in the next version" functionality.  As it is, it's an all or nothing situation.

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