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wiggledy will take the selected polyhedron and randomly modify each vertex, according to the amount of "spikiness" you specify. It can be useful for creating rocks, fabric, hair, etc.

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tip: wiggledy can really help add just the right amount of “life” to a real-world scene. Looking around you, you’ll soon see that there’s not very many perfectly flat, straight edges, so running wiggledy on some objects can help add a spot of realism.

faq: Why can’t I undo?
You can almost undo from a single wiggledy application; just invert your spikiness values and run wiggledy again (eg if you used 10, 10, 10 use -10,-10,-10) and you should have pretty much the same object again. Of course, the best way to run wiggledy is in "copy" mode - that way you can easily see the before and after versions of your object.

examples:    lilwiggledy.jpg (8397 bytes)