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[ updated ] multiplex can be used to replicate an object many times, applying rotation, translation, and scaling factors to each new object. Animation of these objects is supported, allowing you to create fantastic shapes that “grow” over time, or you can animate the original object through a mathematically calculated path. As one of the "spawning" class of plugins, ie one that creates many many objects, multiplex has a cancel option displayed while it is processing, and no further objects will be created.

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tip: Did you ever spend ages setting up dominoes and knocking them down as a kid? You can do the same thing much quicker with trueSpace and multiplex:

Create your domino.
    Give it physical properties, and a motion acceleration vector.
    Run multiplex on the domino. Try an x tran of 50 and a z rot of 2, no group, animate, or grow.
    Now go back and give the first domino an initial motion vector.
    Run the physical simulation

faq: Where has the option to use object or world coordinates gone?
We put it back in for the 2.1 patch.

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