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This plugin creates superquadratic objects, both supertoroids and superellipsoids. What are they useful for? The biggest use is objects with rounded edges, but they are very versatile. Just by changing a couple of properties you can create chainlinks, propellers, tires, fortune cookies.. the list is virtually endless! And because of the "liveupdate" feature, you can see the effect of the changes as they happen.

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tip: Use this plugin everywhere! The next time you model, say, a table, using primitive cubes, look at a real one. You don't see any sharp edges. Even if it's only slight, you will notice a rounded edge. Use superobjects and your scene will instantly take on a more realistic look.

faq: So what does a superobject look like?

It can look like many things.  Here are a few 'ellipsoids and 'toroids:

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