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particulator is an artistically-minded scatter tool. It will copy one object all over the surface of the currently selected object, with a certain amount of noise so as to avoid something that looks too uniform. As one of the "spawning" class of plugins, ie one that creates many many objects, particulator has a cancel option displayed while it is processing, and no further objects will be created.

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tip: Try using an animated object as the clone, for more interesting "explosion" type effects.

faq: My target object has 26,000 vertices, I don't want 26,000 objects. How can I reduce the amount created?

The best thing would be to use trueSpace's own Poly Reduction tool. Experiment until you find a setting that keeps the overall shape you require. You can also use particulator's Ratio setting to only use some of the target's vertices. In addition, you can try hitting Cancel while particulator is processing.

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