The most powerful cel shader trueSpace users have ever seen, toon up pro offers unprecedented control for cel-style output, allowing you to emulate several traditional styles with just a few parameter changes.  Most cel-shading solutions for other packages force you to guess at tricky RGB multipliers and other nonsense when it comes to choosing specific colors - with toon up pro, you just point and click to use an exact color.

As a trueSpace4 shader, toon up pro provides complete integration with other shaders, giving you the ability to easily place cartoon characters in a photorealistic scene, complete with shadows and reflections, or to apply further post-production effects.

You can do all this from a familiar, uniform interface.   As with our other recent tools, the 'enhanced trueSpace' style is the interface theme, maintaining a high level of integration:

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toon up pro requires trueSpace 4.3 or higher.  Note that this product will not work correctly when rendering with multiple processors.

What's new in 1.1?

Owners of an older version can get the update from GetSoftware

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