This is the biggest and best coolpowers collection yet, with 13 all-new plug-ins and shaders.  From the very start, the focus was on high-quality modules that would be useful in everyday situations, not just special effects.

With this suite, you will be able to create true null objects, adjust lighting in a far more efficient manner, replace one set of objects with another, 'slide' objects in and out instead of just scaling them, increase your control over textures, create more integrated composites, tweak background images, make objects glow, reduce the amount of rendertime needed for motion blur, add a specular bloom effect, create a more atmospheric fog, and view/modify your renders within trueSpace.

You can do all this from a familiar, uniform interface.   As with coolpowers2 and 3, the suite comes with its own toolbar, so you don't have to fill your trueSpace plugin panels with our software:

toolbar.jpg (15059 bytes)

This 'enhanced trueSpace' style continues throughout each module, maintaining a high level of integration:

smalluisnap.jpg (11209 bytes)

coolpowers4 requires trueSpace 4.3 or higher.  Note that the shaders in this product will not work correctly when rendering with multiple processors.

What's new in 4.1, at a glance:

Owners of an older version can get the update from GetSoftware

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