After almost a year of production, coolpowers3 is finally here.  A suite of ten plugins for Caligari trueSpace 3 or 4, this release takes the coolpowers series to a new level of quality.

With this suite, you can render your scenes in a cel-like manner, create an almost infinite variety of procedural textures, save trueSpace renders even without rendering to file, gradually transform objects to more spherical shapes, melt objects, 'spray' multiple copies of an object like an airbrush, create more efficient plane primitives, morph objects, add randomness to motion paths, and loft objects from a series of cross sections. 

You can do all this from a familiar, uniform interface.   As with coolpowers2, the suite comes with its own toolbar, so you don't have to fill your trueSpace plugin panels with our software:

toolbar.jpg (15059 bytes)

This 'enhanced trueSpace' style continues throughout each module, giving a better feeling of integration than ever before:

smalluisnap.jpg (11209 bytes)

coolpowers3 will adapt to suit the version of trueSpace it is running under.  If you are running 3.0, many of the modules will be disabled.   All of the modules are enabled under 3.1, though some may not be fully supported.   The version requirements for each module are shown on this website, under each modules overview, but all modules are supported under trueSpace3.2 and trueSpace4.x.

toon up whitenext.png (509 bytes)