power up your trueSpace

The coolpowers series of plug-ins and shaders have been well-received and well-used over the past few years when wfmm was in business. From the original suite of three plugins that shipped with tS3, to the release of the reflects pro shader, the coolpowers series has been a success in the community, if not necessarily a whopping financial success.

I've put up the archived product info sites for each of the tools: cp2 | cp3 | cp4 | toon up pro | reflects pro

The problem is, it's getting harder to use these tools with the newer versions of trueSpace. While most of the tools still work, some may have annoying side effects and some don't work at all. Unfortunately, wfmm is long gone and I simply don't have the time to devote to being the only person responsible for updating the software, and I simply can't support later versions of trueSpace I don't have.

So I'm going the open source route. Everything - cp2, cp3, cp4, toon up pro, reflects pro - is being made freely available for anyone to modify, update, tweak, or customize. A central repository has been set up so that people can contribute changes back to the community. One or more project maintainers will be appointed to oversee any changes and such, and interested developers can be given write access to the source base. Of course, not everyone wants to use a compiler and build their own software, so binaries will be made available periodically too, just like any other free plugin.